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In the latter part of 2009 I received an assignment from a book publisher, Walter Foster Publishing, to do a section in a book they were planning. Entitled 'The Daily Book of Photography, the book was published early in 2011. The purpose of the book was to provide a short story, accompanied by a photo, every day for a year. I was assigned the section on nature and landscape photography. The book sold well for a few years, but is now out of print. Very few new copies are still around, but you may find one online. I was thrilled to be part of this project. If you find a copy, let me know what you think of it by contacting me at Following is the introduction to that section.


For those who enjoy photography, the natural world provides an almost unlimited supply of subjects. From sunrises and sunsets to flowers and wildlife . . . from snow, fog and mist to ice-covered trees or vast panoramas stretching to the horizon, the variety is astounding and limited only by imagination. What could beat the satisfaction of preserving a breathtaking natural scene that will bring pleasure for many years to come?
Nature and landscape photography can be enjoyed by everyone from rank amateurs to lifelong pros, and neednít break the bank along the way. With the advent of digital technology, a new era was born. The quality of digital cameras is constantly improving, while the price drops, providing the dual advantage of immediate recognition of success or failure when you snap the shutter, and monetary savings by not having to buy film or pay for processing. If the shot didnít work, delete it, and try again. Of course, for the traditionalist, this new technology has caused the price of film cameras to fall dramatically. A nature photographer couldnít ask for a better deal.
Whether stalking a wild flower or trophy elk, contemplating an ocean sunset or desert sunrise, trekking through a forest carpeted with fallen leaves or meandering along a snow-covered stream, natureís beauty calls to the photographer ─ Take my picture . . . remember me.

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